"Drop" touch screen cleaner

Touch screen cleaner. All in one compact product - cleaning cloth and get with spray pump. Size same as "Post-it" note.

ACME Europe

115 (H) x 97 (W) x 15 (D) mm Cloth: 75 (L) x 75 (W) mm

IF product design award 2015

"Moon" headphones

To design simple and durable headphones we had to take apart a lot of headphones. We left only most required parts and used metal for most vulnerable parts.

"Jungle" earphones

Task was to create comfortabe earphones with organizer. We decided to take inspiration from nature and create smallest organizer as posible. Ear buds also was desiged after a row of researches and tests.

"peak" messenger - backpack

This project have been born in creative workshop, in wich I was participated with group "onetwo". We introduced messenger-backpack concept to "Acme Europe", they loved our idea and wanted to produce it. Later that year I employed to "Acme Europe" as product designer and togever with Parija Puipaite and Moses Kang finished project and prepared it to mass production.

"jb00"coffee table

Project was made special for indigo modus. I was asked to design coffee table. I tried to imagine what coffee table I would prefer to have in my living room.

30 (h) x 96 (w) x 55 (d) cm


"Invisible" chair

In some way all designs has style and individuality. it is possible to say that all designers trying to create object, that could speak for it self. I tread to look in different way and create chair with no design. This chair doesn't have a form or style, it is invisible chair. In public will be presented chaires' case, that is also functional object.

80 (h) x 80 (w) x 43 (d) cm


"Slice" floor lamp

cylinder disturbed with one slice.

180 (h) x 50 (w) x 50 (d) cm


"XXX" coattrack

This is an interpretation of the traditional coatrack. The coatrack "XXX" has hangers which may be attached upside down. It is posible for a consumer to change the furniture according to his/her needs.

180(h) x 80(w) x 80(d) cm

solid wood, plywood

2009 [neformate] Vilnius, diploma

2009 "Baldai" Vilnius

2009 "SaloneSatellite Del Mobile" Milan

2009 "Tasty Baltics" Milan.

"Pinocchio" stool

The stool "Pinocchio" is a two-leg, modular fitment. It's shape is allusive to Pinocchio (a character created by writer Carlo Collodi). A single stool is unstable as a marionette. Only by connecting it with another one or more stools you will get a proper stability. However, it is posible to sit on a single stool - holding on to "Pinocchio's'' "nose".

42(h) x 30(w) x 30(d) cm

solid oak wood

2008 [neformate] Vilnius, diploma

2008 "SaloneSatellite WorldWide" Moscow, second price

2009 "SaloneSatellite Del Mobile 09" Milan

2012-13 "Common Roots" Design Museum Holon

"Sberbank" pavilion

Project made with architecture and urbanism studio processoffice. Idea was to create interactive pavilion / kiosk, with screen on the facade, that will provide customer with information and advertisement.

300(h) x 500(w) x 500(d) cm

Sailplane's LAK20T cabin

The project was made in Vilnius Academy of Arts, Design Department. The project was initiated by JSC "Sportine aviacija" (www.lak.lt), and lecturered by Juozas Brundza. My task was to create the interior of the sailplane's LAK 20T cabin. I studied birds' skull bones and created similar form in the interior.

"Threebubble" tricycle

This is a new generation of children's tricycle. It stimulates imagination, mobility and coordination. The toy is created for children up to school age - from 3 to 7 years.

A child changes the direction of movement by driving sphere with his feet. The direction of the movement can also be altered by moving the feet on the other sphere.

Threeball can be used for both, interior and exterior.

"Hooks" hanger

It's a hanger that has three hooks. In this way this object becomes multifunctional. It could be use to hang accessories, cloths, bags...

2010 designboom mart Stockholm

43.9 x 28.4 cm

7mm plywood

"Sun rabbit" badge

People call the small light reflections as "sun rabbits". This small badge creates personal "sun rabbit" that follows one everywhere.

2012-13 "Common Roots" Design Museum Holon

running 10.0 x 5.2 cm
sitting 4.4 x 4,7 cm

mirror plexiglas, plywood

"Shadow" table mat

It's a mat for dinner table. The mat is shaped as a person's shadow. There are 6 shapes for all the members in the family.

2010 designboom mart Stockholm

boy 20.0 x 27.9 cm
girl 18.7 x 31.8 cm
mother 30.7 x 44.1 cm
father 39.1 x 47.0 cm
grandmother 28.9 x 43.4 cm
grandfather 41.6 x 47.1 cm

100% wool

"CD mirror" pocket mirror

Usb memory sticks and cloud storing slowly overtake CD's. CD cases will be useless, only if we could find other use for them.

normal 14.3 x 12.5 cm
mini 9.7 x 8.6 cm

plexiglas, plastic

"Walking stick" hanger

With this project i tried to solve coat hanging problem in social places. Not always it is possible to hang precious coat on the hanger, for that reason it would be very useful to carry a hanger. I looked at this problem from fashion perspective and created walking stick - hanger.

100 (h) x 44 (w) x 2 (d) cm


"Wall" mirror

Everyone is an artist, but only the artist can notice the unique form on a dewy surface, when someone is cleaning it with a hand. In other words, when you clean the dewy surface, only for household purposes, each time you create a different, but also similar form. Different - because you never repeat exactly the same motion, and similar - because you perform the movement with the same hand.

This mirror of the unique shape creates an illusion, as if the plane of the surface on which the mirror hangs is cleaned with a hand.

100 (h) x 44 (w) x 2 (d) cm


"Archimedes" mirror

It's a mirror, which looks like broken. The fragments of the mirror actually is Archimedes' puzzle: "Stomachion". A person can put this mirror together in many different ways.

2010 designboom mart Stockholm

36 (h) x 36 (w) cm

plexiglas, metal, magnet


I'm a designer. I create objects, furniture and interior. I was born in 1985 10 01, Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2008 I finished Vilnius Academy of Arts, Design Department with BA degree. Now I'm working as a product designer at "Acme Europe". And I am a member of creative group "onetwo".

"Geras Dizainas" LT Vilnius 2013
"Common Roots" IL The Design Museum of Holon 2012
"Dizainas be dizaino" LT Vilnius 2011
"Design Week 2011" LT Vilnius 2011
"stockholm designboom mart" SE Stockholm 2010
"Furniture10", Litexpo, LT Vilnius 2010
[Neformate], Sevcenkos st. 16A, LT Vilnius 2009
Zona romana, Tasty Baltics, IT Milan 2009
SaloneSatellite del Mobile, IT Milan 2009
Baldai 09, "Virūna", LT Vilnius 2009
Saint-entiene bienale, N1, FR Saint-entiene 2008
SaloneSatellite WorldWide, RU Moscow 2008
[Neformate], Litexpo, LT Vilnius 2008
"Postures and impostures","Flux Labaratory", CH Zeneva 2007
[Neformate], Litexpo,LT Vilnius 2007

IF product design award for touch screen cleaner "Drop" 2015
IF product design award for backpack-messinger bag "Peak" 2014
IF product design award for headphones "Moon" 2014
"Geras Dizainas" prize in product category for earphones "Jungle", LT Vilnius 2013
"SaloneSatellite WorldWide" furniture competition second price, for stool "Pinocchio", RU Moscow 2008


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